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The following texts can already be heard in English here:

The Lutherhalle
The windows Jesus' life
The Allegorical Women
The Worms Window
The Magdeburg Window

Faith, love, hope

Maria and Martha 
The rosette window
The puplit

Over the last few weeks, Ms Heilmann's English form has translated all the texts about the different windows of the Gedächtniskirche into English. While translating the different texts the pupils of the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium Haßloch have also learned a very special vocabulary, thus expanding their language horizons. After the very specific translation, some of the students read these texts, so that the QR codes will soon be available in English. A special thanks goes to the (main course) teacher, Ms. Heilmann, who motivated her group concerning this work and supported it all the way to the creation of the QR codes; The “QR team” at Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium includes:Alina Bohmüller, Jasmin Breitel, Anika Bruck, Jana Diehl, Lara Gabrisch, Jonas Karl, Maximilian Keck, Liane Lang, Michelle Mayer, Chira Müller, Hermann Nazarenus, Marcel Orth, Sina Oster, Luc Pellinger und Jennifer Pohla.

The English class from Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium Haßloch